Based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania I work as a software architect in an IT company.
I have developed my education from self-study and recently I have attended several workshops with Magnum and In-Public photographers, which changed my view on photography.

Taking photographs is for me a mindful experience. I become an observer who doesn’t have expectations on the outcome and doesn’t try to influence the context.
Photography is about sharpening the senses and being anchored in the present. I like to take long walks before photographing just to clear my mind. To quote Sogyal Rinpoche, “If the mind is not contrived, it is spontaneously blissful, just as water, when not agitated, is by nature transparent and clear. “
Ever since I started to take photographs I learned to appreciate spontaneity and naturalness and I always welcome the chance as part of the process.

Awards and publications​

Kolga Tbilisi Photo – 2017 – Finalist
Photographer’s Forum Magazine – Spring Contest 2016 – Finalist
Lensculture Street Photography – 2016 – Top 100 (open link)
Featured on Lensculture Street Photography discoveries web page (open link)
The Guardian – 2016 – Featured on article about Tarlabasi, Istanbul (open link)
Miami Street Photography Festival – 2015 – Finalist (open link)
Travel Photographer Asia – 2016 – Finalist
International Color Awards – 2016 – Honorable mention in Amateur section
Photographer’s Forum Magazine – Spring Contest 2015 – Honorable mention
International Color Awards – 2015 – Nominee in Amateur section
Black & White Spider Awards – 2015 – Nominee in Amateur section
International Photography Awards – 2015 – Honorable mention in Amateur section
Prix De La Photographie Paris – 2015 – Honorable mention